Volunteer Today!

We have many volunteer opportunities for individuals and families. 

Volunteer your time as a:

  • Volunteer Nurse/Doctor  (usually for 1 week or weekend)
  • Helper at a Work Party Day - Every Fall and Spring
  • Camp Shady Brook Board Member
  • Campaign Volunteer - to help raise money to send children in need to camp

Please call our office for more information about volunteering 719.329.7266 or email [email protected].


Words cannot even begin to express our thanks to you and the camp counselors.  My child had an amazing time at camp this summer and while most kids are happy to see their parents on pick up day, mine was quite upset coming home last night (he even made me cry!).  The counselors made such a positive impact on him that he saw them all as friends (big brother/sister type) and when he found out that a lot of them wouldn't be returning to camp next year, he was heartbroken.

I asked my son what the best part of camp was and I think his answer was half an hour long!  From the water rafting to the horseback riding, s’mores, the mattress slip and slide and navigator and pioneer week, the list went on and on.

Camper Parent