Volunteer Today!

We have many volunteer opportunities for individuals and families. 

Volunteer your time as a:

  • Volunteer Nurse/Doctor  (usually for 1 week or weekend)
  • Helper at a Work Party Day - Every Fall and Spring
  • Camp Shady Brook Board Member
  • Campaign Volunteer - to help raise money to send children in need to camp

Please call our office for more information about volunteering 719.329.7266 or email campinfo@ppymca.org.


Thanks for building us a retreat that focused on friendship, values and nature.

Chris, School Group Leader

Camp Corral

Camp Oasis

Camp Kesem

For general questions and scheduling

Call: 719.329.7266

Email: campinfo@ppymca.org

Fax: 719.329.7258

For billing and summer registration

Call: 719.329.7266