Thank you very much for working so hard to get me into Camp Shady Brook.

The thing I loved most about camp was during open rec when I got my blue band and took my yellow band friends out on a boat ride.

On my first full day I climbed up the climbing wall 6 times.  4 times I got to the top, those same 4 times I had a blindfold on.

On my last full day I had h2o adventures, and I went out in a boat, and one of the other kid’s boats sank so the kid I was with and I helped to take the kids back to the dock.  Then I went out in a funyack by myself and there were 2 daddy longlegs on it and because of them my funyack flipped upside down.  I swam up to the dock then had to go back and get it.

My counselors, Jill, Kate, and Nick were great too. They all were very nice.

The only part of camp I didn’t like was siesta, but my mom and dad say it was probably good for me.

I will love and cherish these camp memories for ever.

Ariadne Athey